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Does the Gold Coast need to compete with Vegas and Macau?

At the risk of upsetting a large conservative chunk of his electorate, Gold Coast-based federal MP Steve Ciobo has suggested that the Gold Coast needs to turn on the razzle dazzle so it can compete with Las Vegas and Macau … Continue reading

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Dr Doom forecasts China crash

Nouriel Roubini, the New York economics professor who predicted the financial crisis –  and who is also known as Dr Doom – is forecasting a sharp slowdown in China in a few years’ time, because it is currently over-investing in … Continue reading

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Rocky NRL stadium would be waste of taxpayers’ money

It’s disappointing that Queensland taxpayers will likely have to pay for a stadium in Rockhampton to host a new Central Queensland NRL team: Rocky to get footy stadium: Newman It’s disappointing because I doubt that the Queensland Government body Stadiums … Continue reading

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Rates to rise $60 p.a. due to infrastructure charges cap

As reported in today’s Townsville Bulletin (State subsidy threat): The Local Government Association said the Government had handed developers a concession and rates would likely rise by $60 a year because councils would have to borrow more money to cover … Continue reading

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Infrastructure charges reform good for developers, bad for ratepayers

The Queensland Government will set maximum standard charges (e.g. $28,000 for a 3+ bedroom house) that Councils can levy on developers for the provision of infrastructure to new developments. This is good for developers and new homebuyers, but potentially bad … Continue reading

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In case you didn’t appreciate how much rain we had…

…check out this chart from page 16 of the National Water Commission’s interesting new report on Future Directions for Urban Water: The dark blue shading stands for “highest on record”. There are other very interesting charts in the report (e.g. … Continue reading

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Disconnecting Allconnex

There was a scene in the classic political satire Yes Minister in which the redoubtable arch bureaucrat Sir Humphrey Appleby reflected on the profound shifts in public policy that occur from time to time: …I have served eleven governments in … Continue reading

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Shorten’s flood insurance reform paper strikes the right balance

Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten and the Treasury deserve praise for striking the right balance between looking after vulnerable consumers and free market principles in the Government’s consultation paper on flood insurance reform released today: Consultation Paper – Reforming Flood Insurance: … Continue reading

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OECD upbeat about global economy

Despite the economic uncertainty arising from the tragedy in Japan, the OECD is optimistic about the strength of the global economic recovery. From the OECD newsroom today: Growth in the G7 economies outside Japan appears to be stronger than previously … Continue reading

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