Retail is Detail with Bruno Cortigiani of Merlai – my latest podcast episode

Although stimulus payments have helped Australia’s retail sector to a strong recovery in late 2020, the longer-term trend has not been great, and there have been concerns about a so-called Retail Apocalypse in Australia and other advanced economies. To thrive in the new hyper-competitive retail sector, which has been transformed by e-commerce, big box stores, and fast fashion, emerging retailers need to offer something really special. In the latest episode of my Economics Explored podcast, Retail is Detail, I chat with Bruno Cortigiani of Merlai, about how his made-to-measure menswear business is thriving with a winning combination of high-touch service, customisation, and an optimised global value chain. In the episode, Bruno tells a great story about how he sought out Italian master tailors in regional Italy to help him craft his products. Bruno’s Merlai showroom is located in the Johnson on Boundary St, Spring Hill, where my office is also located. Check out some of his great gear on his Instagram @merlaiofficial.

Bruno Cortigiani of Merlai at the microphone in my office at the Johnson, Spring Hill, Brisbane.

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