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Treasury research finds Commonwealth Debt won’t drive up interest rates

A Treasury paper released on Friday confirms the expectation of economists that Commonwealth Government debt won’t push up interest rates, and that US debt is a much bigger influence. This is not surprising, given the nature of global capital markets. … Continue reading

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Crime and punishment – Queensland definitely no longer the police state

While Queensland university students once marched through Brisbane streets chanting “Queensland Police State”, Queensland is definitely a police state no longer, and, if any state deserves that tag, it’s NSW. Since 2007, Queensland prisons have housed, each day on average, … Continue reading

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Tough times for tourism likely to continue

Oprah Winfrey will find it tough to sell Australia as a holiday destination to her audience if the Australian dollar stays near recent record highs against the US dollar: Australian dollar up late, reaches two year high against US dollar … Continue reading

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Brisbane City Council crackdown on wandering shopping trolleys

In a positive development, given the risks to our waterways from rusting, abandoned shopping trolleys, a sign that popped up at Toowong Village today announces that anyone taking a trolley away from the shopping centre would be subject to a … Continue reading

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Wasting a good economist – Dr Craig Emerson as Trade Minister

Newly appointed Commonwealth Trade Minister Dr Craig Emerson is the most experienced economist and one of the best policy thinkers in the Gillard Government, but he is being wasted in a ministerial portfolio that no economist could enjoy: Trade.  The … Continue reading

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Will abandoned shopping trolleys spoil the Ipswich renaissance?

In a breakfast celebrating Ipswich’s 150th anniversary, Premier Anna Bligh referred to the “renaissance” of the Ipswich CBD, which has been recently re-developed.  The Premier was very upbeat about Ipswich’s capacity to maintain its own identity and industry base separate … Continue reading

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Effective damage control – Government affirms trains should run on time

Today’s Courier-Mail reported that Queensland Rail (QR) executives’ pay packets will be leaner if the trains don’t run on time: Queensland Rail executives to cop salary cuts for train delays Given the lateness of trains in the morning commuting period, … Continue reading

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Bundy booming with sea changers

With Bundaberg house prices having risen 189% since 2003, a report in the Bundaberg News Mail draws attention to the impact of sea changers and retirees on Queensland coastal communities: Bundy’s soaring cost of living Of course, higher house prices … Continue reading

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Why is there so much money in garbage?

Miners and property developers are clearly at the top of the heap but, reading Queensland’s top 100 Rich List in the Courier-Mail back on August 15, I was surprised that three top 100 fortunes came out of waste management, namely: … Continue reading

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Billion dollar Bob

The Force from the North, Bob Katter MP, knows that life is a negotiating table, and he isn’t afraid to make an outrageous demand first off, knowing that after he cuts a deal it’ll still be a big pay day: … Continue reading

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