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Black hole election – speech notes and slides

For the record, I’m posting the speech notes I prepared for the presentation I gave Wednesday night at the Ship Inn Function Centre in South Brisbane on economic policy issues in the 2015 Queensland election. My slides are available via … Continue reading

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Qld Government will find it a big challenge to achieve its fiscal strategy

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has rightly labelled the upcoming 2015-16 Budget as “no frills” (see ABC news report). The Government cannot afford any frivolous expenses, because the budget challenge it faces is massive. The major problems the Government has are: … Continue reading

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New Qld Government should allow plenty of time for thorough review of spending

I noticed that former Olympian Kieren Perkins has cast doubt on Queensland’s ability to host an Olympic Games and has pointed to the Queensland Government’s lack of a clear strategy to pay down debt (see today’s Courier-Mail). While the Queensland … Continue reading

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New Qld Government faces big fiscal challenges

Many Queenslanders in the construction and engineering sectors will be disappointed by the capital spending plans of the likely new Queensland Government. Previously, there was some excitement at the prospect of a large boost to capital spending across Queensland, with … Continue reading

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Neither party gets a high distinction in fiscal policy

In their proposed fiscal strategies, neither the Government nor the Opposition gets a high distinction. The Government gets marked down because it is not allocating all asset lease proceeds to reducing debt and (thus) interest payments, which means there is … Continue reading

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