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Improving teacher quality key to lifting student performance

The new OECD report showing Australia’s educational performance is slipping has gained a lot of media attention this morning (e.g. Queensland students lag behind national average in maths, science and literacy) and should inspire policy makers to push for further … Continue reading

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Teacher pay revamp long overdue

I’m very pleased the Queensland Government is considering linking teacher pay to teacher performance (see today’s Courier-Mail), as improving pay for the best teachers will help stop the leakage of the best teachers out of the education system and may … Continue reading

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Mining capital spending saved Qld economy from really poor growth in 2012-13

The 2012-13 State Accounts, released by the ABS on Thursday, confirm that heavy engineering construction, largely by the resources sector, shored up the Queensland economy in 2012-13 and protected it from the adverse impacts of Government spending cuts. This is … Continue reading

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